Age 14 mos - 24 mos

Cuddle Bugs Younger Toddler Care

Our caring teachers and assistants in Cuddle Bugs class room are always encouraging the continued development of the children. Our curriculum follows through with sign language development as well as language development.

One of the biggest goals for children in this age group is developing their speech skills as well as working on their gross motor skills. A child’s coordination abilities are growing at an unstoppable pace during this stage of their development. It is imperative to their growth that they are offered experiences that involve every part of their body to work together. AM2PM helps to foster this aspect of their development by incorporating gross-motor movement throughout the day.

The children will be encouraged to dance and sing to appropriate and fun children’s music. We will also bring the children outside as often as possible to run, jump, climb, ride, and explore our large and age-appropriate playgrounds. Cuddle Bugs learn through play and exploration.

Age appropriate lesson plans are developed by each classrooms teacher and regularly monitored by the administrative staff for growth and development appropriateness.

Because each teacher is responsible for these duties, it enables the children to be doing activities that are extremely appropriate for their needs and interests. For example, if the class enjoys a topic, the teacher can expand the learning time spent on it. If they pick up on a new skill quickly, they can move on to a new one as soon as they are ready. We feel that because there is not a stringent lesson plan schedule, our classes are able to meet the individual needs of the students as well as the overall classroom goals in a more fun and relaxed way.

Cognitive Skills

Can mirror and repeat something seen at an earlier time Can anticipate the beginning and ending of activities, songs and stories
Can use one or two simple actions or objects to represent another in pretend play
Can model (with support) the use of simple strategies to solve problems
Can pay attention to quantities when interacting with objects
Can notice changes in quantities of objects
Can match two objects that are the same
Can participate in adult-initiated movement patterns Can show awareness of the size of objects
Can explore how things fit and move in space

Language & Literacy Skills

Can show understanding of simple requests and statements
Can use single words and conventional gestures to communicate with others
Can participate in basic communication with familiar people
Can participate in book reading, story-telling and singing Can point to familiar pictures in books when labeled by an adult
Can demonstrate an interest in exploring books
Can recognize familiar sounds (animal, family, teachers, etc.)
Can use a full-hand grasp to hold writing tools to make marks or scribbles

This program offers:

Continued use of baby sign language used, to increase communication skills.
Supports emerging skills, such as pulling up, walking, feeding oneself, and basic words and sounds. Developmentally appropriate lesson plans, including art, music, language cards and games, fine motor, gross motor, sensory experiences, and lots of story time! Teachers with positive, loving attitudes who engage in quality interactions.
During warm weather, the class goes on walks in AM2PM Park, plays on the playgrounds, and even occasional water days.

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