We invite you to read what our happy parents have to say about their experience at AM2PM CHILDCARE LEARNING CENTER (HAZLET) for young children:

Testimonial # 1 (SR, 2013)
We have 2 daughters that attend AM2PM Childcare Learning Center in Hazlet. We moved from a different daycare center a year and half ago, primarily to give our older daughter a little more structure & instruction. We enrolled her in the Pre-K program and our younger daughter in one of the toddler rooms. I am very big on consistency with my kids & was very nervous about changing daycare centers. After going on a tour with the director - Meaghan, I knew, without a doubt, AM2PM was the place for us. Meaghan put us at ease, immediately, and I am so incredibly thankful. I simply cannot imagine a better place for my kids & Meaghan's enthusiasm & genuine caring personality has quite a bit to do with getting us in the door. Our older daughter completed Pre-K program at AM2PM & is now shining in elementary school. Even though she is the youngest in her class, she is blowing them away with how well adjusted she is and how prepared she is for public school. I received a call from her current school last week & was notified that she qualified for the Talented & Gifted program because, 3 months into elementary school, she is reading at the above grade level!! I truly believe that a good bit of the credit for that needs to go to AM2PM Childcare teacher (Mrs. H). Our younger daughter is currently in the Preschool room at AM2PM & just loves going to school. I don't know how Meaghan does it, but she finds the most wonderful teachers (specifically Mrs. H)! They are so incredibly creative. They have a knack for getting the kids involved & interested in things while learning important skills at the same time. They put so much thought into what the kids are doing and what skills it's building. I feel extremely lucky to have found AM2PM and absolutely adore the teachers & staff there. Meaghan genuinely care about each & every family that attends, I actually look forward to seeing them & saying "Hello", at drop-off & pick up! I would recommend this child development center & private kindergarten without hesitation.

Testimonial # 2 (AJ, 2013)
As a working mother of two kids, I just want to say thank you to everyone at am2pm for making the transition for my children as smooth as possible. The teachers are so courteous that they even came to the parking lot to help me put my belongings in the care.

My babies are learning how to share with other children in their classroom. The school is run by kind-hearted folks. I came late one day and I was not charged any late fees. I usually don't  pay until Thursday, and I was never charged any late fees. The tuition is affordable especially when you see some expensive places around that are not really teaching children anything.

I left another daycare in Hazlet since that school was nothing but a freak show. I am so glad to make the change and wish everyone can just stop by and see how much care and love is provided by this preschool. Keep up the good work, am2pm!

Testimonial # 3 (SM, 2012)
AM2PM is a truly unique childcare facility that we were blessed to find for our family. All three of our children have attended AM2Pm, and we could not ask for a better nurturing and learning environment for them. Any facility can look good "on paper" but AM2PM really lives out the philosophy and programming that they advertise. My previous experience working as an assistant director at another large childcare facility makes me appreciate the value of what AM2PM offers. Here are the top six things that distinguish AM2PM from other facilities:

1) TEACHERS: The teachers are experienced teachers who take their jobs seriously and enjoy the children. For the past three years, teacher turn-over has been very low and highly qualified teachers have filled any vacancies that opened in the classrooms. For the past few years, the Preschool and Pre-K classes have also had student teachers from local universities in the room. It’s an added bonus to have the extra teacher in the room with fresh ideas and energy!

2) LEADERSHIP: The directors at AM2PM have always been very professional and supportive. With an excellent teaching staff, the directors are able to work to support the teachers with curriculum instead of "putting out fires" and covering classrooms each day. This is not the case in many childcare facilities.

3) LESSONS: The daily activities for the kids are FUN and educational. The teachers plan really great lessons that involve exploration and multi-sensory activities. The directors support the teachers by providing materials needed to create cool lessons for the kids. They go far beyond construction paper and crayons!! Last week my son made applesauce, and played with cinnamon sticks and spices in the multi-sensory table.

4) LOCATION: The AM2PM building is located close to Garden State Parkway and other major highways. My children feel like they are going to a loving "home" instead of a cold, business building. The outdoor play area has space for every age and it’s used daily by the classes.

5) SIZE: The small facility has a unique feeling that larger centers cannot offer. The teachers in the building know almost all of the children at the center. Siblings can visit each other and see each other on the playground too.

6) CLASS SIZE: You simply CANNOT beat the ratios that AM2PM offers. Fewer students means more individualized attention and simply put, less classroom management issues. The kids at AM2PM are not treated like numbers in the classroom; they are treated as special people in the class.

I never thought I would have my children in a childcare facility, but AM2PM has provided an environment that gives me peace of mind. My children love going to school each day. My husband and I can go to work knowing that our children feel safe, special, and loved at AM2PM!"

Testimonial # 4 (OM, 2012)
"We enrolled Gianna in AM2PM’s Preschool program last summer just after she turned two and just after we had moved to New Jersey from Virginia. We had originally planned to get Gianna started in a preschool program at age two and a half, just as we had with her older sister, Madison. But due to family circumstances, we decided to enroll Gianna early – just after she turned two - so that the adjustment from full-time-at-home-with-Mommy to part-time-at-school-away-from-Mommy would take place before a new baby was thrown into the mix. Plus, I have to admit that having Gianna in school three full days a week was also a way for me to sneak in the occasional oh so heavenly nap.

Gianna had never been away from me for longer than a few hours and even then she was with her Daddy or her Grandma – ‘Nana.’ As I had feared, the first day of dropping off Gianna consisted of a screaming, clinging child who had to be physically pried out of my arms. I am not sure who was more traumatized by the experience, me or Gianna! I walked out of AM2PM crying and wondering if I was making a mistake. To my joy and gratitude, Miss Anne Marie knew just how to help and comfort Gianna. She took my little girl and put her right to work, appointing her as a ‘special helper,’ which is a natural thing for my bossy little girl. She was also a pro at involving Gianna right away in some kind of coloring or painting project. I am still amazed at how quickly Anne Marie was able to figure out my daughter.

Even now that drop off has become easy and Gianna looks forward to school, Anne Marie always gives Gianna a little special attention; holding Gianna’s hand or giving her a hug when she needs one. Gianna is doing very well at AM2PM with ‘Miss Anne Marie.’ She loves telling me about her friends; Rachel, Dylan, Natalie, and is so proud of the fact that she knows her ABC’s, her colors, her shapes, and that she can count all the way to 20. Developmentally, she exceeds the milestones and expectations of a two and a half year old which we mostly attribute to the care she gets at AM2PM. Naturally my husband and I are very proud. But we are also grateful for the extra attention and love that Anne Marie and the AM2PM staff have shown to our daughter, Gianna.”

Testimonial # 5 (ML, 2012)
My children just love this childcare center. Very flexible, and affordable. Check it out.

Testimonial # 6 (MO, 2012)
I rarely write reviews. This childcare center is very clean and regularly sanitized. My daughter is having a great time. I don't feel guilty leaving her in the morning. My previous daycare in Holmdel was worst of the worst. I started inquiring around at work and to my surprise, got great feedback regarding Am2pm from co-workers.

Hours are great, teachers are exceptional. Everyone is just very up-beat and takes their job seriously. I call few times in the middle of the day, and I always get to speak with her teacher.

Highly recommend :-)

Testimonial # 7 (SC, 2012)
My twins were miserable at a local franchise school. Their teachers had no clue about what they did all day, while I was paying high tuition, lot of hidden extra fees, and being taken to the cleaners with the deposit, and registration fees. The school was closed lot of days per year, and the daycare staff was worthless. My children lost lot of their personal belongings while the owners were just busy adding the money. I started exploring other options to see how I can get the best care without paying a lot.

My neighbors in Matawan and my sister in Holmdel recommended AM2PM. After I visited the center, I was amazed at the extra mile their staff goes to help children. Right away, I gave ONE MONTH notice to my previous daycare, and waited another month to get the twins signed up at AM2PM because of the waiting list.

As a teacher in Basking Ridge, I am soooo happy to make the transition. My only regret; why did I wait so long and put my kids thru the misery of over-hyped, over-expensive, dull, cold, and heartless franchise center locally in Hazlet/Holmdel area.

I am here to stay at AM2PM Childcare Learning Center and hope to see you there.

Testimonial # 8 (SW, 2011)

Testimonial # 9 (DC, 2009)
An excellent preschool and early care for my two babies. School is open from 6:30 AM - 6:30 PM and is focussed on high standards of education.

Lot of extras included which you don't find anywhere else. A MUST RECOMMEND FOR ALL PARENTS.

Testimonial # 10 (DM, 2008)
As first time parents, we didn't know what to expect from day care. We looked around at several facilities, but there was no doubt that this was the best place for our daughter. The facility is bright and cheerful, has top of-the line toys and equipment, and is monitored by a state-of-the-art security system. But most importantly, the staff is simply wonderful. They are attentive, nurturing teachers who provide a happy, healthy and safe environment in which our daughter thrives. Without a doubt, AM2PM is the best choice for us.

Testimonial # 11 (VR, 2007)
No mother ever looks forward to leaving her child in the care of others, but the staff at AM2PM has always been very sensitive to my needs as well as those of my daughter. Since the beginning, I have always felt that she (and I) are in good hands! I admire their everyday detailed progress reports. I can't even imagine leaving my daughter anywhere else. (VR)

Testimonial # 12 (CT, 2007)
I had been searching for the perfect child care center for my children since I got pregnant. AM2PM put me on the waiting list and called me just in time before I went back to work. The way school delightfully gears everything towards children makes them feel comfortable and at home. ...The curriculum far surpasses any standards I have seen at any pre-school, with one-to-one interaction activities for even my two year old. Each day I am amazed by what my children have learned....what a wonderful, stable environment it is for them. Most importantly, is the love, compassion, affection, hugs and kisses that they are greeted with each and every day as they are shown that they are special and important. As anyone can plainly see, I can't say enough good things about AM2PM.

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