Health & Safety

Kid Tested…Parent Approved

Education and development are important, but AM2PM knows that nothing matters more than the safety, security and health of your child. That’s why protection and preparedness are critical considerations in everything we do at AM2PM Childcare Learning Center. AM2PM received an A+ grade based upon following unique features:

  1. Secure Card-Key Access
  2. Secure Child Attendance Terminal with photos of all alternate pickups/visitors
  3. Camera Surveillance System
  4. Fingerprinting and Background Check
  5. CARI Child Abuse Record Check
  6. Certified Pediatric CPR/First-Aid/EPI-PEN Professionals
  7. Smoke, Carbon-Monoxide, and Gas Detectors
  8. State-of-the-Art Fire Sprinkler Systems
  9. Emergency Fire-Exits from Each Classroom and Monthly Emergency Drills
  10. Regular Sanitizing/Disinfecting and Central Vacuuming (separate housekeeping room) to Reduce Allergies in Young Children
  11. Ergonomically Designed Early-Childhood Environments
  12. Easily Accessible Drinking Water and Hand-Washing Facilities
  13. Safe Single-Story Newly Constructed Building - Latest Building and Safety Standards
  14. Age-Appropriate multiple playgrounds, stroller paths, tunnels, trains, tricycle paths, fire engine, and large play-structures (NO Unhygienic Sand on the playgrounds)
  15. Ample Individualized Attention
  16. Ample Safe Parking (NOT part of unsafe shopping centers with airborne problems)
  17. Certified by Department of Environmental Protection
  18. Finger Pinch-Guards
  19. High Temperature Sanitizing Machine
  20. Commercial Kitchen to promote USDA nutrition guidelines (with full-time cook)
  21. Over 15000 square feet of Gated Playgrounds to promote outdoor learning/physical fitness and minimize childhood obesity
  22. Child-size bathrooms in each classroom to assist with potty training and personal hygiene
  23. Air Cleaning Systems
  24. Ample Natural Light to promote positive learning and prevent fatigue, confusion, and eyestrain, in some sensitive children.
  25. Strict Medication Administration Policy

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