State of New Jersey (Department of Education) Division of Early Childhood Education has the following review of our balanced curriculum and assessment system.

"The Creative Curriculum® System for Preschool
The Creative Curriculum® System for Preschool is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum system designed to help educators at all levels of experience plan and implement a developmentally appropriate, content-rich program for children with diverse backgrounds and skill levels.

The System presents knowledge-building and daily practice resources in tandem, to create a cohesive system that supports teachers throughout the year. The knowledge-building curriculum volumes offer insight into the most current research and best practices for early childhood education. The daily practice resources contain step-by-step guidance to help teachers organize and manage every moment of the day, intentionally and effectively. 

Based on 38 new objectives for development and learning that are predictive of school success and aligned with state early learning standards, The Creative Curriculum® System for Preschool helps teachers ensure that they are focusing on what matters most for children at every age. The Systemcomponents also include built-in support for all learners, with specific sections of guidance for working with English- and dual-language learners, advanced learners, and children with disabilities. Watch an excerpt of one of our project based investigations.”

AM2PM Childcare Learning Center has implemented Creative Curriculum for all ages. The heart of our curriculum is centered on the fact that each little mind is a unique individual. Each child has a specific set of talents, interests and strengths. Each classroom has a set of well-defined goals or what we like to call "CAN Statements.” These statements are aligned with New Jersey’s Early Learning Standards as well as the Nation’s Common Core Standards. Creative Curriculum (combined with New Jersey Standards) focusses on atleast ten key areas daily. These areas include socio-emotional, physical, language, cognitive, literacy, mathematics, science and technology, social studies, arts, and the English language acquisition.

Our experienced teachers have the freedom to be creative and to follow the lead of the students in the classroom. The teachers create activities, lessons and experiences that intrigue and capture the hearts of our little minds. They adapt lessons to meet the needs of the students within their classrooms and use the student’s interests to facilitate learning. We believe that learning at such a young age happens when a child feels safe and secure and with security comes confidence in taking a chance and exploring new and exciting learning opportunities.

The AM2PM’s "CAN Statements” are communicated on a regular basis. Our teachers go the extra mile to supply you with simple ways to extend the learning to your home. Helping children make connections from home to school is a powerful tool in setting a child up for future academic success.

Assessment is also part of our curriculum. In our Infant and Toddler classrooms (Bright Babies, Cuddle Bugs, and Caterpillars), we use a developmental "report card” in which observations and interactions with the child are documented. We are looking each month for developmental and cognitive skills to track your child’s growth throughout the years.

In our Junior Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms, we use a more formal task-based assessment. Assessment is conducted four times a year. At the beginning of the year, we are looking to see what skills your child may already know. This helps our teachers in their planning of instruction and what your child’s individual needs are. Your child will also take the assessment mid-year and at the end of the year to measure their changing needs and to celebrate the growth they have made.

AM2PM understands that your child’s education starts the day they are born. Our curriculum is aligned throughout the building, and we are invested in your child’s growth while at AM2PM. We consider our students part of our extended AM2PM family, and we are honored that you would entrust your child in our care. Our promise to you is that we will strive each day to create an environment that each child will thrive in physically, emotionally, developmentally and academically.

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