Bright Babies (Age 6 weeks – 14 mos)

At AM2PM, your baby gets extra-special care. Our Infant Room was designed with safety and comfort in mind. We also seek to provide valuable stimulation when your baby is awake and alert, to promote essential development. Babies play, listen to stories, and interact with teachers and caregivers. They are only placed in their cribs at nap time. Even the babies have "curriculum” goals at AM2PM Childcare Learning Center. Our infant room staff is always on the floor with the babies making sure they get ample "tummy time” and extra help while learning to crawl and walk. You will also see our staff repeating words clearly to children to help to encourage their speech development. We even introduce some sign-language to our infants to help them learn how to express their needs. Books are read daily and music is enjoyed throughout the day. They also enjoy rides in our safe strollers to enjoy fresh air on the days when the weather cooperates!

Cognitive Skills 

  • Can differentiate responses to familiar and unfamiliar people, events and objects
  • Can mirror simple actions
  • Can anticipate next steps in simple familiar routines and games
  • Can explore real objects, people and actions
  • Can actively use body to find out about the world
  • Can explore properties of objects
  • Can use simple actions to make things happen
  • Can examine objects with mouth, hands and tongue

Language & Literacy Skills

  • Can respond to language and sound
  • Can express wants, needs and feelings with intentional sound inflection and gestures
  • Can show an interest in books, pictures, songs and rhymes
  • Can respond when familiar books are read aloud
  • Can vocalize sounds
  • Can transfer and manipulate an object with hands

CUDDLE BUGS Readiness Skills

  • Can explore the use of a sippy cup
  • Can crawl
  • Can pull to standing with or without help
  • Can find a toy that is hidden
  • Can respond to his name 

Activities for Infants:

  • Physical Stimulation. Young babies are developing at a very fast pace at this stage. We present gross motor activities to help build and fine-tune movement skills to achieve simple body movements for mobile infants.
  • Ball games help to produce movements of the legs as well as the hands, developing coordination.
  • Turning and changing position promotes movement in the large muscle groups.
  • Offering objects at a reasonable distance is designed to produce movement in small muscle groups and also requires concentration skills.
  • Crawl games are any activity that stimulates your baby’s crawling mechanisms.
  • Intellectual Stimulation. Through verbal exchanges, playing music, and making various noises, we guide your infant to explore objects for size, shape, color, texture, movement, position, and sound. In this way, we facilitate bottle holding, fingering foods, picking up small objects, and learning to creep, crawl, and walk.
  • Baby sign language, to increase communication skills.
  • Social Development. Through interaction with familiar people and each other, the babies receive reassurance and nurturing at all times. Our caregivers offer a gentle touch and a calm voice while encouraging friendly play.

Daily Report
To keep you abreast of your child’s progress, our staff keeps a log of all of your child’s feedings, diaper changes and activities, as well as his or her general mood and disposition. A copy of your infant’s daily report is given to you every day.

Better Hygiene
We consistently earn an A+ in Good Hygiene! We have incorporated a strict protocol to ensure a clean, healthy environment:

  • Dedicated Cribs. We guarantee a dedicated crib for your baby
  • Vertical Cribs isolate a child from other children.
  • Crib Sheets are changed on a regular basis.
  • Changing Tables are disinfected after each diaper change.
  • Crib Toys are disinfected regularly and are never shared by two infants.
  • Play Mats are disinfected after each use.
  • Hand Washing. Teachers use disinfectant soap in regular hand-washings.
  • Nightly Cleaning. In addition to area cleanings during the day, the Infant Room is thoroughly cleaned every night.
  • The children’s individual supplies are conveniently stored around the room for easy access.

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